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What can RipeTime monitor?

Ethylene is a small hydrocarbon gas and a naturally occurring hormone produced by plants that aids in the ripening and ageing process of plants and fresh produce. Ethylene is a naturally occurring hydrocarbon gas that can also occur through combustion and other methods. Due to ethylene being so important for the ripening of some fruits and vegetables, it is sometimes used by commercial agribusinesses to speed up the ripening process of crops.
Postharvest operators who store and transport produce across the supply chain and wish to see a great improvement in their outgoings.
Fruits and Vegetables whose ripening is associated to a peak of ethylene production and a respiration burst are referred to as climacteric (apples, bananas, melons, apricots, tomatoes etc), while those that are not are referred to as non-climacteric (oranges, grapes, strawberries etc). While a higher level of ethylene receptors can be found in climacteric produce, non-climacteric produce respond to ethylene also. Both groups are able to be monitored through RipeTime’s Environmental Sensor, even down to the specific category of fruit or vegetable.

The main advantages

  1. Accurate ripeness level forecasting, which helps to ensure produce is sent out on-time, every time. This alone will help greatly reduce the amount of fresh produce wasted each year.
  2. Receive real time alerts and warnings, to make sure volatile organic compounds (VOCs) and overly ripe produce is removed from surrounding, healthy product, before they have a greater impact on the overall end supply numbers.
  3. Automated ethylene management systems, through connecting other ag-tech devices to the RipeTime unit’s Application Programming Interface (API), set monitoring levels can turn off and on relevant machinery, in order to maintain perfect produce conditions and cut down on human-error.
  4. Track short and long term data, in regards to ethylene, temperature and humidity levels, to ensure teams are staying accountable with the way in which they store and handle produce. RipeTime’s monitoring of ripeness levels in real time, notifications, automation and data reads, are the most advanced way to cut down on cost and guarantee fully-optimised deliverables.
As long as you have a controlled environment for produce storage, RipeTime’s Environmental Sensor will be able to provide accurate environmental reads, within consistent conditions.

Yes, it can. 

Your RipeTime device

RipeTime units may be mobile, as long as the unit remains enclosed within a controlled environment that has access to power and internet. We have clients who are currently waiting to do field tests for this very purpose.
Data is displayed via our cloud based platform and can be viewed via desktop, laptop, smartphone or tablet.

RipeTime’s open system can connect directly into pre-existing ag-tech to help optimise their performing functions via accurate data-driven prompts.
Recorded client trials have been noted to predict product failure up to 44 weeks out. The sensor gives readings every 15 minutes, of atmosphere readings down to 1PPB, paving the way for the most accurate readings, well in advance of any other device on the market.

Getting started

A standard unit subscription cost $8 per day, per unit. This includes the unit, tech support, training and initial set-up.
The current stage 1 model requires a power outlet, however, upon further trials we may adopt a rechargeable model if the demand is there.
One of the base inclusions across all subscription model tiers, is the incorporation of instructions in the forms of text, pictures and video. RipeTime also offers a free e-learning program from your employees to help them fully understand the importance of and how to conduct the best practices across the entire cool chain system.
Once you have submitted an enquiry form, you will enter RipeTime’s waitlist database. You will then be contacted regarding RipeTime consultation, sent your own trial unit (Avg. wait time is 3 months). If you are pleased with the trial, you are then able to order the required number of units and can begin your database subscription.

Get started today

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