About us

RipeTime arose from the vision of a cost-efficient technology which would be used for ultra-high sensitivity measurements of fresh produce quality. This technology would lead the charge in being a proactive countermeasure against the global food waste problem.

RipeTime is a PMA member
RipeTime Patented Food Sensor Technology To Measure Real Time Ethylene Levels
RipeTime Patented Sensor Technology To Depict Ripeness of Fresh Produce

Our Story

RipeTime arose from the vision of a technology for ultra-high sensitivity and a cost-efficient measurement of fresh produce, to drive a new level of expectation in the food waste problem, a detrimental presence across the whole primary sector.


Ripetime identified a “problem” box of 20 soft kiwifruits in a 40,000 cubic metre space within an hour of accidental arrival

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RipeTime Patented Sensor Technology Measures Ripeness of Fresh Produce

Previous trials

To date, RipeTime have successfully executed early-stage trials on kiwifruit with SEEKA Kiwifruit Industries Limited, and apples with New Zealand produce giant, Turners and Growers Global Limited. Additionally, RipeTime has commenced first-stage testing on stone fruit at Melbourne based Cutrifruit, and conducted some in-house testing on New Zealand produced cherries in amongst other exciting industry partnerships.

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