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RipeTime is an innovative agri-tech company that has developed an analytical tool which can detect and identify different stages of ripeness.

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Enjoy the fruits of your labour

RipeTime’s Environmental Sensor helps you to get the most out of your fresh produce.

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Save money

RipeTime reduces the cost of losses via real-time tracking technology that can inform users exactly where shipments are at any given time within the supply chain.

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Save time

RipeTime's atmospheric monitoring capabilities, dramatically cuts-down on unnecessary produce handling, and ships the right products at the right time.

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Save the environment

RipeTime's technology can prevent large quantities of fresh produce being wasted, which also results in greater water supplies, reduced carbon emissions, and depleted landfill contributions.

“The RipeTime system is set to change how horticultural product inventory managers receive information about ethylene levels in their facilities.”

Dr Dave Tanner
Managing Director - Start Afresh Limited

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